Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry at Grace Covenant Church

Who We Are

The women's ministry at Grace Covenant Church is a Word-based, relationally driven ministry that honors Christ by supporting the vision and values of our church.  We seek to glorify God by loving and worshipping Him as we reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ. 

 All women of Grace Covenant Church are part of our ministry to women, just as we are all "one body in Christ, and individually members one of another."   Romans 12:3-8

What We Do

The purpose of the women’s ministry at Grace Covenant Church is to facilitate making disciples among the women of the church. Ephesians 4:7-16 gives a picture of how members of the church help to build and equip one another in the work of the church. The women’s ministry is a part of this overall process of discipleship.

Our Goals

  • Obey the Titus 2 mandate for women to disciple women and girls
  • Encourage and equip women to cultivate covenant community and compassion in our church and homes
  • Transform our lives through the renewal of our minds
  • Pray steadfastly for one another
  • Grow in our love for and service to the church
  • Cultivate a life-giving culture in the church where women share the gospel and their lives with one another

What We Believe

The women's ministry upholds the Truths We Confess as members of Grace Covenant Church.

The covenants of the Bible give the framework to understand Scripture.  God's covenant of grace supplies the vital structure, the unifying thread, of His redemptive plan set forth in Scripture. The covenant of grace is the sovereignly initiated arrangement by which the Triune God lives in saving favor and merciful relationship with His people. Because we are in union with Him, we are united to His other children. So the covenant of grace defines our relationship to God and to one another. It orders a way of life that flows out of a promise of life. To realize this is to think and live covenantally. 

 Complementarianism gives the relational frame work for men and women to live out their covenantal privileges and responsibilities. The complementarian position acknowledges that God created men and women equal in being but assigned different - but equally valuable - functions in His kingdom and that this gender distinctiveness complements, or harmonizes, to fulfill His purpose.

 Complementarians believe that the Bible teaches that God has created men and women equal in their essential dignity and human personhood, but different and complementary in function - with male spiritual leadership in the home and believing community, the church, being understood as a part of God's design. That means that both men and women are image-bearers of the living God. We are each fully human in all that entails. We are equals before the cross, brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ. But God has made us different. He has given certain functions and roles to men, and certain functions and roles to women, that are distinct.

 By contrast, egalitarianism cannot come to grips with the uniqueness of man created as male and female and asserts that there is no legitimate difference of role and function between men and women in the home and church, at least not one that allows for male spiritual leadership. Our conviction is that egalitarianism devalues God's creation design and Redemptive calling of women.  It fails to do justice to the distinction that exists between men and women. It wrongly equates an acknowledgement of role distinctions with inequality and discrimination.

 [Our church] believes in a covenant and complementarian approach to womanhood and to women's ministry in the church. There is nothing more beautiful, satisfying, delightful, and God-glorifying than when men and women live and work together in complementarity.

J. Ligon Duncan & Susan Hunt

Women's MInistry in the Local Church