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Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Grace Covenant Church has a children's and youth ministry because we put a high priority on our responsibility to disciple our covenant children and teens. We believe that our children are entrusted to their families, but also to the church where God calls their families to worship and serve Him.

We teach our children from a covenant perspective because we want them to have the glorious experience of discovering Jesus on every page of Scripture.  When our children see Jesus in all of Scripture, they will gradually see the covenantal framework of Scripture and of life. They will begin to see that our relationship with God is because of His grace in Christ.  We teach our children that God bound Himself to His people in a covenant of grace and that His relationship with us is to be mirrored in our relationships with one another.  A covenantal perspective teaches our children that their purpose is God's glory and their authority is His Word.  It gives our children the foundation for a robust faith and life.  It fortifies them with a comprehensive biblical worldview.

Our prayer is that our children will know Christ and have a growing affection for and commitment to His church, the covenant community, and that they will learn not only individual Bible stories, but that they will begin to see the over-arching story of Scripture so that they will learn biblically and covenantally.