Our Mission

Our Mission

God does everything with intentionality and purpose. We should too.

The story of redemptive history is one that is characterized by a clear focus on the realization of a divine plan. In the life of Jesus we find a keen sense of purpose and focus. Even as a child Jesus had a strong sense of self-awareness as to the missional nature of his life (Luke 2:49). Indeed, if ever there was one, Jesus was a “man on a mission.”

Your sense of purpose – your mission – will shape the choices you make. It will dictate where and how you spend your time, energy, resources, and enthusiasm. If you find yourself with a dissatisfied feeling of listlessness, or if you discover that your life seems to be one of spinning your wheels, it could be that you aren’t focused on fulfilling a grand purpose for your life.

If you are looking for something bigger than yourself in which to invest, consider Grace.

At Grace we desire to be imitators of God as we join in His mission. This brings an intentionality, focus, and purposefulness to our energy and efforts as we engage in ministry.

In light of our understanding of who God has called us to be as a particular church in Dallas, Georgia, the mission of Grace Covenant Church is:

To love God and worship Him as we reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ.

We seek to accomplish this mission...

By exalting our Lord in joyful biblical worship by means of

  • Services and sermons based upon a deep commitment to biblical truth
  • Congregational singing of old and new songs (with old and new tunes)
  • Involvement of skilled congregational musicians and vocalists

 By encouraging one another to love and good deeds by means of

  • Steadfast prayer for one another
  • A welcoming and gracious atmosphere that permeates all we do
  • Creating multiple venues for fellowship and discipleship

By equipping one another for service by means of

  • Robust Christian education programs
  • Identification and development of each other's gifts
  • Intentional development of leaders

By engaging the culture around us by means of

  • Outreach in our local community
  • Partnering with missionaries globally