The session has decided that it seems to be a good time to get back to normal!! Beginning this Sunday, June 13,  we will start the transition away from our COVID-19 protocols. We still want everyone to continue safe hygiene practices and continue to respect one another's' consciences. We will once again be serving coffee, using bulletins, and singing from the hymnal. If you would like to serve as a Greeter, please show up with a smile and be ready to hand out bulletins! 



Sunday Worship Event Image

On behalf of the entire Grace family,we welcome you to our church!

We are a growing body of followers of Christ and we are honored that you have chosen to visit our site. This website is an extension of our congregation and our hope and prayer is that as you peruse it you would gain a better sense and understanding of who we are and how you might fit in here.

While we love having fun together, at Grace we are serious about fulfilling the command of Jesus to make disciples. As such, you’ll find that our worship services are characterized by a joyful reverence, our discipleship ministries are relevant and engaging, our commitment to outreach is palpable, and our fellowship is both real and frequent. In short, we are a church on mission. If you share our passion, or are intrigued by this prospect, we invite you to join us this Sunday!

People visit churches for many different reasons, and no matter what yours may be - please know that we welcome you and invite you to join us as we attempt to grow in grace, together.


Grace Covenant Church