The session has decided that it seems to be a good time to get back to normal!! Beginning this Sunday, June 13,  we will start the transition away from our COVID-19 protocols. We still want everyone to continue safe hygiene practices and continue to respect one another's' consciences. We will once again be serving coffee, using bulletins, and singing from the hymnal. If you would like to serve as a Greeter, please show up with a smile and be ready to hand out bulletins! 

Grace Covenant: Gracious Living through a Judgement of Charity

March 21, 2021 Speaker: Rev. David Donovan Series: Coronavirus Virtual Service Livestreams

Scripture: Romans 14:1–14:12

The March 21, 2021 live stream of the Lord's Day Worship at Grace Covenant Church, PCA in Dallas, GA. Senior Pastor Rev. David Donovan's sermon, "Grace Covenant: Gracious Living through a Judgement of Charity", begins at the 34:11 mark on the video. Audio-only is available through the Listen or Downloads buttons.